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Green Plus: Enhancing Upstream-Midstream and Downstream

Our technology positively effects for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. Biofriendly worked out many environment technologies for oil mining, water-oil separating and fuel enhancing. Each case proved the energy and cost efficiency compared to traditional technologies and processes.

Green Plus is the content of the high quality and premium fuels also improves the low and bad quality fuels. Sounds like that extends the warranty and guarantee of fuels due lower activation energy ability of Green Plus. The Green Plus treated fuels prove better technical security in extreme circumstances too (your problem is less or not in very cold temperature, overloaded engine, watered fuel, aciduolus, sludge, turbid, feculent fuel case). More than 80 positive properties of Green Plus helps your marketing and your contracts. Now is the world standard of the Green Fuel Solutions. Throughtout largest oil companies, oil terminals, fuel distributors, gas stations and coal fired power plants the Green Plus and the Green Plus treated fuel using covers the significant part of global world. Regarding to emission and toxic parameters of burned fuels the Green Plus treated fuels prove plus higher or extra higher category.

Green Plus is the most effective enhancement tool in the fuels industry, and certified tests on all continents have proven this. The refinering and cracking processes use harm materials. Your decision is that you use Green Plus and let out some disadvantageous process/materials or use Green Plus in your normal processes. Same this situation is with fuel brand materials/components and additives. Green Plus works well with other materials without any problem and highlights those advantages and hides those disadvantages. Your turn in it that you want to let out the other materials and use instead of them the Green Plus what causes same and better effects or use together with Green Plus. Chosen Green Plus the Exxonmobil, Valero, Shell Motiva Enterprises, British Petrol, PetroCom, Houston Maritime Services, Derek Refinering, Direct Fuels, Petroequador, Pemex, Kinder Morgan, Truman Arnold Company, Magellan Pipeline Service, Western Petroleum, Murphy Oil, Petroleum Traders, Suncoast, SandCastle, etc.




Green Plus: Government Tested Across the Globe - Green Supply Chain - Green Fuel Stations


The supporting from government and investors and recognition of possibility and realization of the Green Logistics, Green Suppliers, Green Fuel Stations redounds better SCR, Sustainability Report, ISO qualifications, more won tenders and contracts and loyal clients. Our success stories with oil companies, fuel stations thanks to our real objective results, thanks to clean air programs, low emission fuel laws and regulations, thanks to cost efficient and best practise requests. The true proof of a productís ability comes from certified tests by official independent organizations. Green Plusís effectiveness becomes clear when examining these test results by laboratories and governments on all continents.

Rigorous independent tests have been conducted on gasoline vehicles, heavy-duty diesel engines, large ocean-going ships and more.
You can read about growing of petrol stations of London Taxi, bigger sellings of Helenic Petroleum (EKO), Cypoil (LUKOIL), AGIP/Petrolina, about the Texas Low Emission Diesel Law, Emission Zero Programs, Covenant of Majors Program, etc. where the Biofriendly Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst caused very pleasant surprises.



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