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Green Plus Fuel Enhancer

Green Plus has been used in fuels on all continents and has been tested in government certified labs around the world.

Laboratory results and many billion miles of customer use show reductions in harmful emissions, fuel economy improvements and better maintenance due to the improved combustion characteristics of engines, boilers and other devices using Green Plus.

Green Plus is added to biofuels, diesel, gasoline, Jet and Rocket fuels in the range of few part per million, so very little is needed to improve combustion. This makes Green Plus ideal for treating vast quantities of fuel.

The generators and engines are sensitives what quality is the fuel. The bio contents can cause problems (deposits, condense water, acidity, etc.) and the requirement is more maintenance and control of filters in bio-fuel using case. Mainly at rapeseed oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and palm oil case. These are a little bit different type of fuels but as we see the prices the costumers listen to only the price and do not interested in the quality at first sight. If they get cheaper price oil for heating for example they want a little quantity to try that fuel. They are affraid of problems. So we would like to suggest for all costumers that do not use fuels without Biofriendly Green Plus
® Liquid Combustion Catalyst. The biofuels include bio content and the weather and time does not favors for Biofuels. Green Plus causes better safety for engines and causes higher technical safety.




Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Fuel see on test pages


Now we willing to work together with biomass suppliers / providers to research how does behaves with different biomass the Green Plus and how enhances their efficiency in burning and in ignition in normal and in extreme situation. So we are ready for a common project.



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