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04/14/2010 Biofriendly Corporation Signs Agreement with Sandcastle Petroleum LLC to Market "Green" Fuel
  The agreement gives Sandcastle exclusive rights to market fuel which has been treated with Biofriendly’s patented Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst to independent gas stations in the United States, Puerto Rico and other geographies.
04/07/2010: Biofriendly Corporation Launches Green Plus for Home Heating Oil
  Green Plus will now be offered for sale to the general public for use in home heating oil.
11/16/2009: Green Plus® Liquid Combustion Catalyst Approved by the State of Texas for Use in Diesel Fuel
  Biofriendly Corporation announced today that Green Plus has been approved by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ), as an alternative formulation solution to meet the Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) requirements.



Now Hiring: Systems Engineer

Petrolina OilAdopts Green Plus to Enhance Gasoline and Diesel Fuel   in Cyprus

The Cyprus companyannounced, "Petrolina, in cooperation with the US based Biofriendly Corporation, is launching new revolutionary fuels with the Green Plus liquid catalyst as Platinum +"

  Biofriendly Corporation is Now Hiring a Systems Engineer
11/03/2008: US EPA Grants Biofriendly Corporation New Product Registrations
  US EPA completes two year review of Biofriendly Corporation. Green Plus granted three new EPA registrations.
10/24/2008: Rising Gas Prices Boost Scooter Sales - Hybrid Model Gets 180 MPG
  More and more environmentally conscious drivers are switching to biofriendly scooters.
10/17/2008: Clean Energy 2030: An Ambitious Plan from an Ambitious Company
  How a successful corporation proposes to bring about a more biofriendly environment.
10/10/2008: Saving Fuel and Money with Global Positioning Systems
  A promising new technology can help bring about a greener, more biofriendly planet.
09/26/2008: The Sahara Forest Project: Providing Water, Food and Energy
  A bold new approach to finding a biofriendly solution for hot and arid coastal areas.
09/19/2008: New York to Los Angeles Run to Promote Biofuel
  Driving from coast to coast, using a biofriendly fuel and without stopping to refuel.
09/12/2008: Solar Power Technology Gains Momentum
  Major projects are underway that provide a boost to biofriendly solar power.
09/05/2008: Gas From Trash Will Help Clean the Environment
  New biofriendly development will generate gasoline from discarded organic waste.
08/29/2008: USA's First Fossil Fuel Free Community Housing Tract in Colorado
  Clever planning will make these biofriendly homes independent of the power grid.
08/22/2008: New Development Paves the Way to a Future of Cleaner Air
  Scientists find a biofriendly method of removing harmful emissions from the atmosphere.
08/15/2008: The Lure of Manure: Energy from Farm Waste
  Biogas made from manure takes on a biofriendly aspect as an energy source.
08/08/2008: Encouraging New Biofriendly Developments in Ethanol Production
  Researchers have found a biofriendly way to produce ethanol more efficient
07/25/2008: Revolutionary New Engine Design Optimizes Fuel Economy
  The biofriendly Hefley engine saves fuel by adjusting itself to varying loads.
07/18/2008: Volkswagen's Biofriendly 1 Liter Car Hits the Road
  This revolutionary vehicle demonstrates that fuel economy is not just an empty phrase.
07/11/2008: Is Carbon Sequestration Biofriendly And What is it About?
  Concerns about global warming lead to new ways to reduce greenhouse gases.
07/04/2008: Can Offshore Drilling Lower the Price of Oil
  It has been suggested that opening up the currently off-limits oil fields in the U.S. coastal waters can alleviate the price of gas at the pumps, but can it and is it biofriendly?
06/27/2008: Algae for Food and Fuel A Panacea
  The world is struggling with food and energy shortages, but algae hold much promise to alleviate both.
06/19/2008: The World Takes Another Look at Biofuels
  Not long ago, biofuels were considered in many circles to be the biofriendly answer to the looming crisis in oil production, but there have been unpredicted consequences.
06/13/2008: Hypermilers Are A New Breed of Motorist
  With gasoline prices reaching record highs, motorists are discovering techniques to get dramatic improvements in fuel economy.
06/06/2008: Zero Energy Buildings Are Gaining Ground
  While much attention is being paid to making automobiles more energy efficient, efforts are underway to do the same with buildings.
05/30/2008: Norwegian Company to Build Huge Offshore Floating Wind Turbine
  After building a successful scale model, Norways StatoilHydro has set out upon an ambitious engineering project.
05/23/2008: How Earth Day Got Started and How it Evolved
  One fine spring day in 1970, America woke up to the importance of preserving the environment, due to the efforts of a few dedicated individuals.
05/16/2008: Clean Coal Technology: What is it all About?
  The world is looking for more biofriendly solutions to the use of energy resources. The controversial clean coal technology is an attempt to reduce the harmful effects of coal on the environment.
05/01/2008: General Motor's Hy-wire: Car of the Future?
  In a drastic departure from the complexity of traditional design, one car stands out as a potential model of things to come.
04/25/2008: Air Quality: Getting a Breath of Fresh Air
  The air we breathe is precious and the Air Quality Index has been instituted with the purpose of keeping it clean.
04/18/2008: San Francisco And Their Ambitious Plans for Reduced Emissions
  Mass transit is one area that can have a major positive impact on the environment.
04/11/2008: Environmental Stewardship no Longer a Grassroots Movement
  All over the world, opinion leaders are speaking out about the need to take care of our planet.
04/04/2008: Earth Hour: Symbol for Environmental Awareness
  Australian initiative raised environmental awareness and induced millions of people to cut power consumption.
03/26/2008: Meeting Future Energy Needs With Biofuels
  This article presents some ways in which rising prices and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels can be alleviated.
03/21/2008: Will Spray-On Solar Cells Transform the World?
  Solar energy is about to change the way we live and can create a significant beneficial impact on the environment.
03/14/2008: An Underground Connection Saves Energy and Roads
  An enterprising Dutch corporation has found a creative way to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
03/07/2008: Coal-to-Liquid Technology: Not a Panacea
  While CTL can reduce our dependency on foreign oil, there are drawbacks to large-scale implementation, which makes it less than biofriendly.
02/29/2008: Tata Nano: The World’s Cheapest Car Makes its Debut
  As India’s Tata Motors announces its super-affordable Nano car, environmentalists around the world ponder its implications.
02/22/2008: Air Powered Cars: Not Just Inflated Claims
  Hard to believe, but a recent environmental development presents us with cars that run on nothing but air.
02/15/2008: Hybrid Buses are Gaining Ground Across the Globe
  Widespread use of public transportation, rather than automobiles, reduces energy demands. Now, public transportation is further reducing fuel consumption.
02/08/2008: The Cold Fusion Controversy: Fact or Fiction?
  The jury is still out on whether or not cold fusion is a valid new technology, but new evidence has turned up from an unexpected quarter.
01/25/2008: German Kite Ship Sets Sail for Venezuela on Maiden Voyage
  For thousands of years wind power has propelled ships, small and large, across the oceans. Now an enterprising shipping company is reviving that tradition.
01/18/2008: Hybrid Taxicabs for New York City: A Biofriendly Move
  Plans are afoot to make the Big Apple a greener and more enjoyable place to live and work.
01/11/2008: The Many Biofriendly Advantages of Geothermal Power Generation
  Taking advantage of the geologically active landscape, The Geysers power plant in Northern California produces enough power for a city the size of San Francisco.
01/04/2008: Concentrating Solar Power: Biofriendly Technology of the Future?
  An innovative approach to getting abundant clean renewable energy from a free super long-lasting energy source: the Sun.
12/20/2007: The Florida Gulf Stream: A Biofriendly Source of Renewable Energy
  Abundant free energy from the sea: A promising new technology that could transform the world by ultimately eliminating the need for fossil fuels.
12/19/2007: Replacing Coal with a Cheaper, More Biofriendly Fuel
  Search engine giant Google decides to pursue research and development on affordable and renewable energy sources.
12/13/2007: Former Chairman of California Air Resources Board Joins Biofriendly Board of Advisors
  December 12, 2007, Covina, CA – Biofriendly Corporation announced today that John D. Dunlap III has joined its Board of Advisors.
12/12/2007: Novel Truck Loading Technique Saves Energy and Cuts Emissions
  Instead of trying to get higher miles per gallon, this company evolved a different biofriendly approach to fuel economy.
12/10/2007: Solar Vehicles Are Taking Off: A Biofriendly Transportation Method
  Solar technology comes of age in a grueling race across Australia's interior.
11/27/2007: Cylinder Deactivation: Another Biofriendly Way to Save Gas
  Power when you need it, but who needs all that power when just cruising along?
11/26/2007: Will Biofriendly Fuel Cells Power Future Cars?
  Although not expected to become widely available for some years, fuel cell vehicles may well revolutionize future transportation.
11/19/2007: Moving to a More Biofriendly Future: Hybrid Big Rigs Hit the Road
  The green movement gets another boost as giant retailer Wal-Mart starts deploying new hybrid big rig trucks.
11/16/2007: A Biofriendly Approach to Energy Efficiency
  "Of the 65 largest oil producing countries in the world, up to 54 have passed their peak production and are now in decline, including the USA in 1970/1, Indonesia in 1997, Australia in 2000, the North Sea in 2001, and Mexico in 2004." (1)
10/31/2007: Biofriendly Applauds Congress Call for Cleaner Air
  Letter urges EPA to impose stricter limits on smog pollution. Meanwhile, Biofriendly Corporation is doing its part in helping to bring about a cleaner and healthier environment.
10/29/2007: Biofriendly Cars: New Plug-In Hybrids
  "Over the last two decades, U.S. dependence on foreign oil has nearly doubled, gas prices have climbed more than 55 percent and our nation's global warming emissions have skyrocketed, while average gas mileage for new vehicles has actually fallen." (1)
10/17/2007: Ethanol: A Biofriendly Panacea?
  Among alternative fuels under consideration, ethanol is currently receiving a great deal of attention. Biofriendly Corporation is one contributor to reducing dependence on foreign oil.
10/10/2007: Biofriendly's Quest Further Fueled by Federal Verdict
  Vermont ruling endorses states' rights to set limits for greenhouse gas emissions.
10/03/2007: Mexico Engages in Serious Climate Change Measures and Biofriendly is Helping
  Biofriendly is assisting the world's twelfth-largest greenhouse emitter
09/24/2007: Top TV Series Tackles Global Warming: Biofriendly Already There
  Top-rated series "24" goes into territory where Biofriendly’s Green Plus(R) liquid fuel catalyst has been for years
09/18/2007: Becomes Even More User Friendly
  September 18, 2007, Covina, CA -- Biofriendly Corporation announced today the complete upgrade and revamp of its website
09/05/2007: Fossil Fuel Catalyst Slows Fuel Consumption
  Biofriendly's Green Plus(R) liquid fuel catalyst can ease the fossil fuel crunch
08/31/2007: Biofriendly Liquid Fuel Catalyst, Green Plus®, Passes Four Billion Mile Mark
  Green Plus can be added to gasoline, diesel, marine fuels, heavy fuel oil and even coal
08/22/2007: National Safety Council Offers Sound Advice on Vehicle Emissions
  We can take pollution reduction to the next level with a fuel catalyst that increases fuel efficiency
08/16/2007: Biofriendly Executive Jim D'Arezzo Recognized by the Mexican State of Jalisco
  Liquid Fuel Catalyst Causes Emissions Reduction
07/31/2007: The Long Term Scramble to Improve Fuel Combustion - Biofriendly Succeeds
  Biofriendly's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst truly succeeds where others have failed
07/30/2007: Can Fuel Additives Offset Higher Fuel Prices? Biofriendly Has the Answer
  Biofriendly's Green Plus fuel catalyst is beyond a fuel additive and it works
07/27/2007: The Science Behind Global Warming and the Biofriendly Solution
  The realities of global warming are established...and Biofriendly Corporation's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst is an extraordinary solution
06/28/2007: The Next Stage of the "Carbon Neutral" Trend: Biofriendly Green Plus
  Becoming "carbon neutral" greatly assists in the effort against climactic change-the next step is Biofriendly's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst
06/26/2007: EPA Spending 118 Million to Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  With Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst, a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be had now for a tiny fraction of EPA's FY 2008 budget
06/20/2007: What Exactly Are Greenhouse Gases, and How Does Biofriendly Help?
  It helps to know exactly what "greenhouse gases" are, and how Biofriendly Corporation's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst helps solves the problem
06/07/2007: The Science Behind Global Warming And the Biofriendly Solution
  The realities of global warming are established. Biofriendly Corporation's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst is an extraordinary solution
06/06/2007: NOx Emissions from Ships a Major Source of Air Pollution on the California Coast
  Biofriendly Corporation's liquid fuel catalyst a possible solution to harmful emissions from marine engines
05/24/2007: EPA Urged to Clean Up Toxic Pollution from Diesel Ships and Trains
  Environmental group pushes for new pollution standard by the end of the year
05/23/2007: Choice of Fuel Affects Emissions and Air Quality
  While gasoline is a cleaner fuel, the gasoline engine is less fuel-efficient than a diesel engine
05/21/2007: CARB Planning to Reduce NOx Emissions from Diesel Trucks
  California needs cleaner air, less harmful emissions.
03/07/2007: Biofriendly's Sister Company Now Listed in UK Vehicle Certification Agency Register
02/14/2007: Alarming U.N. Report on Global Warming Due -- But Biofriendly Corporation is Reversing the Trend
  In the face of dire predictions of global warming, Biofriendly Corporation's Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst brings a much-needed solution
01/30/2007: NOx Emissions Affecting California Air Quality
  Biofriendly Fuel Catalyst Shows Marked Reductions in Harmful Diesel Emissions
01/24/2007: Biofriendly's Green Plus Fuel Catalyst To Be Used By Four More Cities In Mexico
  "Emision Zero" Program aimed at improving air quality.
01/16/2007: Biofriendly Liquid Fuel Catalyst Tested By U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board Accepted Laboratory
  Light-duty gasoline automobile showed significant reductions in harmful emissions using Green Plus additive.
01/15/2007: Green Plus Mandated in Mexican City of Guzman to Help Clean Air
  All city vehicles, private buses and taxis to use Biofriendly fuel catalyst.
01/14/2007: Green Plus Fuel Catalyst Reduces Emissions and Improves Fuel Economy in Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Engine Test
  Biofriendly Corporation has introduced Green Plus, a liquid fuel combustion catalyst, the world's most effective solution for significantly improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions.
01/10/2007: Significant Reductions in Air Pollution Attained by Petroecuador in Test of Green Plus TM Fuel Catalyst
  Biofriendly Corporation has introduced Green Plus TM, a liquid fuel combustion catalyst, the world's most effective solution for significantly improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions.
01/09/2007: Biofriendly's Green Plus Achieves Significant Reductions in Emissions While Improving Fuel Economy
  Beijing Automobile Research Institute tests liquid fuel catalyst
01/08/2007: Green Plus Liquid Fuel Catalyst Shows Improved Combustion Efficiency In Coal-Fired Power Generator
  Biofriendly's UK sister company Green Plus releases details of E.ON report.
10/24/2006: Biofriendly Completes Combustion Efficiency Test
  Liquid fuel Catalyst Shows Real-Time Improvements in Horsepower and Torque
10/11/2006: Biofriendly's Liquid Fuel Catalyst Passes Marine Engine Maintenance Testing
  Engine assessment report on Biofriendly's Green Plus fuel catalyst leads to "Letter of No Objection" from major marine engine manufacturer.




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