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Green Plus Diesel Fuel Enhancer

Green Plus has been used in diesel fuel on all continent and has been tested in government certified labs around the world.

Laboratory results and over many billion miles of customer use show reductions in harmful emissions, fuel economy improvements and better maintenance due to the improved combustion characteristics of engines and other devices using Green Plus.

Green Plus is added to diesel in the range of 50 parts per million, so very little is needed to improve combustion. This makes Green Plus ideal for treating vast quantities of fuel.
Used diesel types (traditional D and EURO marks and bio-diesels works well with Green Plus Up-Mid-Downstream without any problem but more time these fuels have problems without Green Plus. Our and Third Party"'s expereinces the higher technical safety and security in Green Plus treated fuels case Health Safety. The Green Plus content fuels meet the highest requirement safety standards.

That is no question that useable or not Green Plus treated fuels at new engines. The highest regulations say about standards and each kind of fuel have to meet these standards, after it can sell the oil trader and fuel distributor/ gas station for new and older machines. Green Plus treated fuels buyable from largest oil companies. Green Plus no harms the leasing or guarantee of vehicles. The most important request of engine factory the standard fuel using. Green Plus treated fuels meet with standards.

Some technical manager affraid of different results that Green Plus will not prove on other type of engine. If you are know the ignition and burning process it is clear that combustion catalyst help he burning. No way that yes or not, if born flame the catalyst works independently that this LFO, HFO, coal JET, biofuel or any gasolie or diesel. Does not depend on engine type or opened chamber type. Only one condition is the most important the flame.




Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Diesel Fuel


Please click on any of the following links to see the details of the corresponding test:

California Environmental Engineering Proof of Concept Testing
Petroecuador Diesel Emissions Testing
Nolan's Trucking (Australia) Diesel Fuel Economy Testing
Valley Detroit Diesel Allison Horsepower Testing
William Adams (Sole Caterpillar Distributor, Australia) Horsepower Testing



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