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Green Plus Marine Fuel Enhancer

Over past decade the International Maritime Organization, national governments along with many in the industry have begun the arduous process of reducing the emissions of today’s “blue water” and “green water” vessels. After years of sea-trials, Green Plus has proven that it can deliver both reduced emissions as well as improved fuel economy. This powerful combination of benefits allows maritime users to save on costly fuel while extending maintenance intervals and reducing emissions. Certified test results by accredited laboratories, as well as multi-year trials has proven the effectiveness of Green Plus.

Green Plus can be added to heavy fuel oil or marine diesel. It has been successfully deployed in vessels ranging from harbor tugs and ferries to 150,000 dwt oil tankers and container ships. Evaluation by the world’s largest marine engine manufacturers have resulted letters of acceptance.

This section of the website contains selected case studies and certified test results where Green Plus has been shown to improve not only the emissions of ships, but fuel economy and maintenance as well.




Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Marine Fuels


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