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How Green Plus Works

Methane is a simple hydrocarbon made up of four hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom.

Oxygen can easily reach every part of a simple hydrocarbon like methane.

For this reason, methane burns almost completely, leaving little or no pollution.

Gasoline and diesel hydro-carbons tend to form a complex structure.

Unfortunately these hydro-carbons tend to get bundled up with one another, creating clusters.

When hydrocarbons bundle, oxygen cannot  reach all the fuel.

Therefore, the hydrocarbons in gasoline, diesel,  fuel oil, etc., do not burn completely.

The result of this incomplete burn is exhaust. These partially burnt molecules contribute to pollution.

With the addition of Green Plus, these molecules are catalyzed, allowing the hydrocarbons to unbundle.

During this unbundling, these hydrocarbons are more readily exposed to oxygen molecules, creating a reaction.

This reaction is a more complete burn of the hydrocarbon chains.

The result of a more complete fuel burn is a reduction of emissions and increased fuel efficiency.



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