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The mission of Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus Limited is to help solve the twin global problems of air pollution and the increasing demand for ever more costly fuel. Founded in 1997 by three Carroll brothers, Bob, Bill and Noel, these companies have introduced a breakthrough product in Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst.

Today, Biofriendly’s management team includes experienced, successful entrepreneurs, scientists and former government officials who are helping to grow the business on a worldwide basis.

Biofriendly, Green Plus and over a dozen other partners deliver Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst to fuel users worldwide. To find a Biofriendly partner near you, ask Mr Peter Biro on peter at address or click here.

The privately held company has offices in the Los Angeles, California area, in London, U.K. Latin-America and in Hungary.

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Did You Know?


Prior to Biofriendly and Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst, the Carroll brothers had founded and established successful international ventures, including the creation of Vortoil, an award winning oil-water separation system that was a breakthrough solution for the offshore oil industry. This system won the Queen’s Award in the UK for "The Best New Technology Introduced in the North Sea Oil Industry in the Past Ten Years." The North Sea would not be enjoying continued production without the Vortoil oil-water separator.

Holders of over 100 patents, the Carrolls have been successful innovators and businessmen for over 30 years.



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