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Green Plus Coal Burning Enhancer

Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst has been used in coal fired power plants around the world. Laboratory results and satisfied customers use show reductions in harmful emissions, fuel economy improvements and better maintenance due to the improved combustion characteristics of boilers and other devices using Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst.

Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst has been tested on numerous occasions at Power Technology's research laboratory in Ratcliffe, United Kingdom, on an official 1 MW test boiler. Power Technology is a division of E-ON, a major utility operator in Europe. The test involved adding Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst to pulverized coal via a mist spray technique. In this research study, Loss in Ignition (LOI) improved is several test runs without any increase in NOx. In some test runs LOI was reduced by more than 20% with up to an 8% decrease in NOx. An important aspect of the test results showed that treatment rate of Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst can be adjusted to focus on reducing either LOI or NOx without increasing the other emissions. Or Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst can be used to reduce both LOI and NOx overall. These results have been incorporated into an official report from E-ON / Power Technology as same as other big coal fired power plants results from the Continents.

- Auxiliary power use may decrease
- Steam cleaning of boiler may become easier or less frequent
- Extends the life and lowers the cost of other emissions mitigation systems such as precipitators, SCR, bagging, etc.
- Potential for decrease in FGD system maintenance costs and improvement in gypsum quality
- Installation of Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst requires extremely low capital expenditures
- Green Plus system is extremely safe, offers high reliability and redundancy

Increase in the steam produced per ton of coal consumed. This increase in combustion efficiency allowed the operator to reduce the consumption of coal.
This improved efficiency means a decrease carbon dioxide emissions per ton of steam produced.
The improved combustion efficiency means a reduction in the auxiliary power consumption.
Bottom ash is reduced as less carbon is retained in the ash.
The improved combustion has demonstrated less deposition on fireside surfaces so requiring energy for steam soot blowing.
NOx and SOx emissions are reduced through the improved combustion so reducing the requirement for NOx and SOx reagents and their delivery systems. In addition, trials have shown an improvement in thermal efficiency that result in reductions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are believed to be a major contributor to global warming.




Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in coal fired power plant


Coal Fired Power Plant Test:

Successful implementations of Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst have been completed in coal-fired boilers ranging in size from 40 megawatts to 500 megawatts. In each trial there has been a measurable improvement in thermal efficiency and a reduction in unburned carbon in the fly ash. Reductions of NOx and SO2 have also been documented. The results of the trials have shown reduction in unburned carbon, also known as Loss on Ignition (LOI) up to 55%. Thermal efficiency improvements have been as high as 4%. After the coal power plants leaders filled our power plant questionnaire we discuss the answers with our colleagues in London and in California. Before we can begin the test we have to make some photos in the power plant. The full preparing time appr. 6 weeks. The Green Plus system can be start without of boilers stop.



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