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Fuel tests

Our colleagues makes independent fuel tests for you. The fuel efficiency is very interesting question and more than 20 000 solutions cause some effect in this. We control the sustainable developments, we close out the negative side effects causers and test the fuels, devices, furnaces. Everytime comes a new and new development and the endusers have not time and capacity to check those. Our testing service helps in this. Do you know that more than 500 parameters influence the fuel consumption? Our test protocols meets your requirements and we can check your fuel and vehicle in real time using but with laboratory accuracy and tools. Our experience is that each promoted material works but the efficiency can be other in different circumstances and somewhere necessary the higher monitoring level for checking, following and confirming the management and devices. Sometimes enough is an education in this. Our lessons and tests prices are affordables and you can follow it in real time and check also after test anytme. You can ask any product test and the Biofriendly Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst test too. The key is the supervisor and the methods. We make energy audit about using and concrete test. More kind of test downloadable from internet and more used in practise. The soul of test is the same parameters and conditions in same time.

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Fuel control
If you are not sure in your fuel management or users you can use fuel markers or Biofriendly Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst. Proved that if the fleet fuel consumption reduced between 10% and more fuel saving with Green Plus it does mean that your management is all right, but if the fuel savings lower than 10% in that case you need is better confirmation about monitoring, you need is better following checking system and necessary the education for employees.  



Did You Know?


Peter Biro made more than 1000 tests (performance, emission, fuel consumption with more than 94 solutions) in the last 11 years, he is member of the Biofriendly Green Plus Team since 2003. Peter is independent testing expert and global advisor of governments. His responsibility is the best proposal everytime, what is the sustainable, the low carbon/climate foot printer, what is the optimal and modern for using.
We respect the competitors and compare our product to others. Because the Biofriendly Green Plus
® liquid combustion catalyst works well all kind of hydrocarbons in extreme circumstances in ver yshort time also on long term this is the reason that the largest oil and transport companies chosen the Green Plus.



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