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Green Plus Health Safety Testing

The most important question any company should ask about a product is whether or not it is safe. With safety in mind, Biofriendly is always conducting the newest and most rigorous, and accepted health safety testing the world has to offer on Green Plus.

Green Plus has already been proven to be non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic by the University of Southern California's, Keck School of Medicine. Passing this test assures Green Plus users that the product is not a cancer causing substance.

Green Plus has also been certified safe for engines and engine components by Southwest Research Institute, the world leader in engine testing. Tests performed by Man B&W and Wartsila have led to letters of no objection, showing that the two largest marine engine manufacturers in the world found that Green Plus did not do harm to their engines.




Selected Certified and Independent Health/Safety Test Results on Green Plus


Please click on any of the following links to see the details of the corresponding test:

USC, Keck School of Medicine, Ames Test
Russian Ministry of Health Testing and Certification
Southwest Research Institute "No Harm" Test - Diesel
Southwest Research Institute "No Harm" Test - Gasoline
Man B&W Letter of No Objection
Wartsila Letter of No Objection
Detroit Diesel Letter of No Objection



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