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Green Plus: Enhancing Fuel

Green Plus is the content of the high quality and premium fuels. Now is the world standard of the Green Fuel Solutions. Green Plus saved many vehicles and taxi drivers from authorization withdrawal also many people and children from harms.

Modern fuel is imperfect at best. The evidence of it can be seen in the air as smog and acid rain, and the effects of it are startling; asthma in children has almost doubled in populated areas worldwide in the past 5 years. Global warming has become a normal topic of conversation, and all of these issues are directly related to the quality of fuel that is used in cars, trucks, ships and power plants across the globe.

Green Plus is the most effective enhancement tool in the fuels industry, and certified tests on five continents have proven this. Green Plus is now being used in gasoline, and diesel around the world as a fuel enhancement solution. Trucking and maritime fleets, energy providers, and several of the largest oil companies in the world have now used Green Plus to significantly reduce  emissions, improve performance and enhance fuel economy.
The fuels can lose their quality in extreme cicumstances and in long standby period. The result is condense water, oil deposit, oil sludge, turbid and or gel fuel. Green Plus causes better technical safety, higher technical security in engines, turbines, boilers also in fuels. Green Plus can extend the warranty and guarantee of the fuels.
The ignition of the Green Plus treated fuels is better in cold temperature and the more linear and smoother burning very safety for overloaded engine. Green Plus can cause same or lower overheating (PSI temperature) on 100% loaded engine's exhaust pipe with better horsepower. This very important at airplanes, combine harvesters and race engines.




Green Plus: Government Tested Across the Globe


The true proof of a productís ability comes from certified tests by official independent organizations. Green Plusís effectiveness becomes clear when examining these test results by laboratories and governments on all continents.

Rigorous independent tests have been conducted on gasoline vehicles, heavy-duty diesel engines, large ocean-going ships and more.



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