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Green Plus: The Scientific Breakthrough

Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst is a patented technology, working at the molecular level to slightly “unbundle” complex hydrocarbon molecule clusters to enable oxygen to reach the fuel and react with the fuel more easily. Improving combustion processes results in a “positive domino effect” – that is, a more complete burn, a more linear burn and a cooler burn. This in turn delivers more power, more torque, better fuel economy and fewer harmful emissions.

Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst is not a typical “fuel additive” – it is a true catalyst. As such it does not alter the chemistry of the fuel; it simply helps the existing fuel burn more completely and more “linearly.” One of the keys to the effectiveness of Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst is the organic and inorganic compounds that comprise the product enable the complex hydrocarbon clusters in fuel to become slightly unbundled. That is, long-chain hydrocarbons have a tendency to cluster, which makes it more difficult for the surrounding oxygen to reach all of the fuel. This creates the dual problems of lower performance and harmful emissions due to incompletely burned fuel. By slightly un-bundling the clusters Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst allows the ambient oxygen from the air fed into the engine, boiler or furnace to reach more of the fuel, thus producing a more complete burn without the explosive shattering that accompanies a normal combustion process.




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Another equally important quality of Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst is its ability to remain fully dispersed in the fuel. In fact, Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst is fully miscible with all hydrocarbon based fuels.

This scientific breakthrough stands in stark contrast to other attempts at improving combustion. These other approaches frequently require the use of volatile chemicals and metals, which have a tendency to drop out or require increased quantities to have any effect. Conversely, Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst can be added in extremely small quantities to large amounts of fuel; a typical concentration consists of one liter of Green Plus® liquid combustion catalyst to treat 20,000 liters of fuel (approximately 5,000 US gallons).



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